Welcome to Expressions by Jake, and thank you for your enthusiasm in my passion.

I am a dynamic photographer and creative thinker who has a unique vision when exploring the natural beauty we are surrounded by every day. I often look for a challenge when it comes to capturing a particular scene, and have been known to wait several weeks or months just for the Sun or Moon to line up in the right position. Patience, Persistence, Composure, Endurance. These traits define my method.

Originally self-trained as a fine jewelry and watch photographer I began to explore life outside the studio and see what I was missing from under the hot studio lights.

I was born in South Carolina, raised in New Jersey, and discovered and cultivated my photographic skills in Philadelphia. Living and growing up in all of these places has helped me develop the particular way I see the world. It is my hope that through my artistic images I will give inspiration to you to be inspired. The sunset is life’s way of saying good job, you survived today, here’s something pretty to look at. I fully believe this and wish for you to appreciate seeing nature’s beauty the way I see it. Enjoy!

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